About Us

Committed to Excellence

GreenLeaf Landscaping has been beautifying the Wasatch Front for 23+ years. It is our goal to exceed the expectations of each client, while providing exceptional customer service.


What We Value


We want to ensure each phase of a landscape is well planned and created with the utmost care. Our sprinkler systems and water features are installed with the latest technology that will give our clients the best service. The trees and plants we install are carefully selected to enhance the beauty of each project. Drought tolerance and suitability to the local climate are carefully considered as well. Each of these phases are carefully monitored to ensure they have been fully completed with every planned detail. We firmly believe that our company’s success as a whole will be determined by the lasting satisfaction and enjoyment each individual project provides to its owner.


We provide our clients with high quality landscape design, construction, installation and maintenance. We make your dreams into a reality.

Servicing Utah residents along the Wasatch Front—Since 1996.

Our Process

Landscape Design

We start each project by meeting with our clients and discussing their wants and needs. Before any work is done we will map out a blueprint of what your newly designed landscape will look like and provide you with a number of detailed variables, so you know what to expect.

Landscape Installation

Once you have signed off on the landscape designs we will get to work. We pride ourselves in working hard, efficient, and within our expected timeframe. We keep open communication throughout the project to ensure that the progress is on schedule.

Landscape Maintenance

Now that the project is complete, it wiill eventually need standard maintenance. If you have no desire to maintain it yourself, we do provide a landscaping maintenance service.

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